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On Going Fundraisers

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 Box Tops

This fundraiser involves clipping box tops from specially marked products and sending them into the school with your child or placing them in the Box Tops container located outside of the office. Box tops do have expiration dates so please make note of dates and get them turned in quickly. In addition to clipping the Box tops themselves you can visit the following website: and get bonus box tops for our school. Be sure to check back frequently, better yet bookmark it for easier access. The points earned are redeemed and the school gets a check that is used to purchase items that the school needs. In years past we have purchased folding tables for the custodians, digital cameras for the PTO for yearbook use, supplies for the Science lab (when we had one) just to name a few. ***If you are unable to locate the container please put them in the PTO mailbox located inside the office****


This fundraiser entails saving Hannaford Helps coupons which you receive when you purchase 4 or more qualifying items at Hannaford. There are over 700 qualifying items, and the items are labeled with a Hannaford Helps shelf tag.  This program starts in September and ends in early December.  Gather your coupons and deposit them in the Hannaford Helps Tower located at the grocery check-out area (preferred method so that Red Mill Elementary can win the additional grant money), or you can send them in an envelope to be placed in the collection box located outside the Main Office at the school.  We only need the coupon, not your itemized grocery receipts.  In the Spring, the school receives a check from Hannaford.  The money received is used to support school needs and activities. Visit if you would like more information on this program.  ***If you are unable to locate the container please put them in the PTO mailbox located inside the office****
          Price Chopper

This fundraiser gathers points from individuals who have a Price Chopper Advantage card and have registered Red Mill as the designee for Tools for Schools. You need not gather anything to turn in just go to scroll down and register your card for Red Mill and you are done. If you have difficulties please feel free to contact the chairperson for Tools for Schools and they will be glad to assist you. The school takes the points earned and redeems them for items that are in the Tools for Schools catalog.

Target offers a program where 1% of your Red Card purchase is donated to the school of your choice. The school gets a check at the end of the year and uses this money to offset any expenses the PTO has. Please sign up at
If you have problems please contact the chairperson. 

This fundraiser is similar to Box Tops with the exception of clipping Tyson labels as opposed to Box Tops. Gather your labels and send them in with your child or place them in the Tyson container located outside of the office. Please feel free to check out their website at Each label is worth .24 cents which we receive in a check. The money from this program goes to support ongoing school functions and needs. ***If you are unable to locate the container please put them in the PTO mailbox located inside the office****

Colonie Center School Bucks program
This program is a simple way to try and earn some cash for our school. Shop at Colonie center between August 1, 2015 to June 1, 2016 and bring your receipts for any purchase you make to Customer Service. You can also send them in to the school and the PTO can turn them in at the mall for you. Fill out a sheet with purchase amounts for each purchase you make, and put “Red Mill” as your school of choice at the top of the sheet.

***Please note due to returned checks we now need to implement a returned check fee of $25.00 plus any bank fees incurred.** 

Upcoming Events

PTO Meeting
January 11th, 7pm

Popcorn Sale
January 12th- Lunch
February 2nd- Lunch

January 13th- Goff Middle School

Red Mill Dance
January 19th

Family Movie Night

February 9th

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